How to save money on entertainment

The ways I save money here might surprise people. Certainly my friends are surprised and they find my extreme money saving rather amusing (and I suspect irritating, at times!). I've clumped together a few areas under 'entertainment' to include eating out and staying in! 1. Always use a voucher code when eating out - if [...]


How I save money on clothes

I've never been someone who loves going clothes shopping and could spend hours upon hours going round the shops. It just doesn't appeal to me at all which makes saving money somewhat easier. I do have some tips that I'll share below.   1. Don't follow fashion trends - you don't need to be wearing the [...]

Why did I pay off my student loan early??

Taking a loan is essential for the majority of students. When I went to University the tuition and maintenance loans (outside London) were around £6500. This is a significant amount of money and by the time I graduated the total had risen to over £20,000. I didn't have a choice about taking a loan. I simply [...]