How to save money on entertainment

The ways I save money here might surprise people. Certainly my friends are surprised and they find my extreme money saving rather amusing (and I suspect irritating, at times!). I've clumped together a few areas under 'entertainment' to include eating out and staying in! 1. Always use a voucher code when eating out - if [...]


How I save money on food

I was going to make a series of posts with general money saving ideas but actually it's easier to break it down  into categories.  I find it makes the post easier to follow and means you can tackle one area at a time.  1. Look for discounted food - I absolutely love going to the [...]

Why did I pay off my student loan early??

Taking a loan is essential for the majority of students. When I went to University the tuition and maintenance loans (outside London) were around £6500. This is a significant amount of money and by the time I graduated the total had risen to over £20,000. I didn't have a choice about taking a loan. I simply [...]