Why do I have a credit card?

Loads of the money saving forums and websites will tell you not to get a credit card. I've watched so many videos on YouTube all of which talk about a cash envelope system and how you're more likely to overspend with a credit card. In the wrong hands credit cards can be catastrophic for your [...]


Two Android apps that make me money

I'm always looking for easy ways to make a bit of money even if it's just a few pennies. I strongly believe that "every little helps" so for me it's definitely worth it.   Neither of these apps are going to make you rich but for very little effort you can make a small amount [...]

I bought a new car on FINANCE

When I started my new job in February 2017 I knew that I would have to use my own car for business use, which had numerous implications. I needed insure the car for business use and increase the annual mileage significantly. I initially planned to keep my current car, run it into the ground and [...]

How to save money on entertainment

The ways I save money here might surprise people. Certainly my friends are surprised and they find my extreme money saving rather amusing (and I suspect irritating, at times!). I've clumped together a few areas under 'entertainment' to include eating out and staying in! 1. Always use a voucher code when eating out - if [...]