How to save money on travel (domestic)

Everyone has to travel in some way and it can get extremely expensive so I'm going to share a few tips for saving money on travel. 1. Don't speed! A general rule is the faster you go the more fuel your car will consume. I find that when I'm on a motorway driving between 65-68 [...]


BEST UK App for Groceries

I'm the sort of person that loves to get a good deal on pretty much anything - and especially on essentials such as food shopping.   I'm quite happy to park my car in town and walk to every supermarket  to get the best deals - fortunately I live in a small town so they're [...]

Why do I have a credit card?

Loads of the money saving forums and websites will tell you not to get a credit card. I've watched so many videos on YouTube all of which talk about a cash envelope system and how you're more likely to overspend with a credit card. In the wrong hands credit cards can be catastrophic for your [...]

I bought a new car on FINANCE

When I started my new job in February 2017 I knew that I would have to use my own car for business use, which had numerous implications. I needed insure the car for business use and increase the annual mileage significantly. I initially planned to keep my current car, run it into the ground and [...]