How to save money on entertainment

The ways I save money here might surprise people. Certainly my friends are surprised and they find my extreme money saving rather amusing (and I suspect irritating, at times!). I’ve clumped together a few areas under ‘entertainment’ to include eating out and staying in!

1. Always use a voucher code when eating out – if you are going out for a meal search the internet to see where you can get a discount voucher. When I go to eat at Prezzo I always have a voucher and sometimes it can be as much as 50% off the total bill.

2. Drink tap water – no matter how much you want wine or a diet coke with your meal these drinks are so much more expensive than you can get in the shop. Stick to tap water, save money and then have a glass of wine when you get home (if you want one).

3. Pay for what you eat – I found myself in an unfortunate circumstance a couple of weeks ago. I went out with a group of friends for a meal and some drinks. I wasn’t feeling well so I had half a main and one drink which came to around £23. When the bill came in one of my friends picked it up ‘okay so £45 each?’. I put my foot down and said we need to pay for what we ordered. I’m not too concerned about a few pounds here and there but over £20? Not happening.  

4. Don’t order a starter/dessert just for the sake of it – I used to be terrible for this. If I ate out I would always order a dessert no matter what because it was a ‘treat’ but now I know differently. Now I will only order a dessert if there’s something on the menu that I haven’t seen before or really crave.

5. If you want to order a takeaway rather than going out always look at the offers before ordering. Some of the takeaways will offer you buy one get one free or a discount so make sure you shop around. I love pizza from Pizza Hut but if they don’t have any decent offers then I will go elsewhere.

6. Cancel cable TV – you don’t need 1000’s of channels. How many of you can honestly say you make the most of your Sky/Virgin/BT subscription? It’s not worth paying so much money every month when you don’t have to. You can access the on-demand services on your computer.

7. Expensive days out – just because you have planned a shopping trip with your friends does not mean you need to spend loads of money. If you see something you really like then go for it but don’t buy things just for the sake of it because everyone else is doing the same.

8. Have a picnic – if the weather is nice have a picnic with your friends in the park. Okay so nice weather is a rarity in the UK but there are usually a couple of nice days per year…. It’s going to work out cheaper than going to a restaurant and you get to enjoy the fresh air and hopefully some sunshine! Get that vitamin D!

9. Why go out when you could stay in? – instead of having a night out with your friends have a night in instead. Get some drinks in and play some games. Never have I ever is always a good one and Cards Against Humanity is a new favourite. It can be just as much fun staying in as long as you have good company.

10. Cancel subscriptions – if you have Netflix, Now TV or any other subscription service that you don’t use just cancel it and save yourself some money. Do the same with any newspapers or magazines that you subscribe to. You can get all of the information on the internet now anyway.

11. Play free games rather than paid ones – there are so many apps and games out there that cost money but look for the free alternatives instead and don’t pay for those ‘power-ups’. It may take you longer to progress in the game but it’s not worth the money!

I’ll leave this here for now but I’m sure the moment I post this I will remember loads of other things I wanted to post about.

Lots of Love

x Beth x


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