How I save money on clothes

I’ve never been someone who loves going clothes shopping and could spend hours upon hours going round the shops. It just doesn’t appeal to me at all which makes saving money somewhat easier. I do have some tips that I’ll share below.  

1. Don’t follow fashion trends – you don’t need to be wearing the hottest trends all the time. Whilst it can be nice to always wear the most stylish clothes this will not help your bank balance. Some of these trends last one season and won’t be back again for years (padded shoulders, anyone?) so it’s just not worth your money.   

2. Don’t buy big brands – I constantly see in the paper how you can get cheaper versions of catwalk designs but some of these are still really expensive. There’s nothing wrong with going for an even cheaper option. Sometimes you compromise on quality but I buy cheap clothes and quite frankly I’ve never had a problem. I only recently had to get rid of a pair of jeans that I’d owned for more than 10 years – and I only paid £10 for them (it was such a sad occasion I could have cried!!) 

3. Remember the cost per wear – I always try to remember this when I’m looking for a particular outfit. If it’s a dress that I’m going to wear once and costs £500 then that amounts to £500 for one wear. If I’m going to wear the dress 10 times then it’s £50 for 10 wears. Working things out like this helps me to justify spending a little bit more on an item of clothing if it’s something I really want and will wear over and over again. The majority of my clothes cost under £30 and I struggle to justify spending more than that. 

4. Know your colours – there are quite a few people out there who can wear all the colours of the rainbow and look fantastic. I’m not one of them. I tend to stick to black, pink, purple and red. I know these colours work well on me and I find that I can co-ordinate most of my wardrobe – black jeans go with everything! 

5. Charity shops – I am not ashamed to say that I look in charity shops all the time for clothes. You can get some fantastic bargains on good quality clothing and support a charity at the same time!  

6. Look after the clothes you have – no one likes having to buy a new item of clothing because an older item has fallen to pieces. Pay attention to the washing/drying/ironing instructions and you can prolong the life of your clothes. I take pride in the fact that I’ve had so many of my clothes for years and years. I really don’t like throwing clothes away.  

Probably the simplest tip of all is to not buy clothes. Differentiate between and ‘want’ and a ‘need’. You need food, water, shelter. You do not need the dress that a celebrity wore on the cover of OK Magazine. Remember that when you walk past clothing shops! 

Lots of love 

x Beth x


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