Falling Back to Earth

I found myself in what I considered a tricky position when I finally moved into my house. I was on a bit of a high because I was actually a homeowner. I had realised my dream of buying a house on my own. It is MY house paid for with MY money (and a little help from the bank…) but I had some major issues with the house.

The electrician came out early on and whilst the house did not require a full rewire it needed a lot of work. The boiler was interesting. Neither my builder nor gas engineer could figure out how it worked. They took the cover off and informed me that it “couldn’t possibly be working”. And yet it was. We never quite figured out how the previous owner managed to get it working. Yes. He installed it himself. He is not a gas engineer.  

The boiler was unsafe so it was disconnected straight away. I spent the next two months with no heating or hot water. I boiled the kettle, filled up my bucked and strip washed in the bathroom. I washed my hair in stone cold water. It was October/November. Not too cold but not warm either. In the end I actually joined the gym up the road just so I could have a warm shower. It also motivated me to exercise so the membership wasn’t entirely wasted.  

I was also limited by the cooking facilities. Initially I believed the hob was unsafe and I had no oven since I threw the other one away. The electrics needed sorting before I could get a new oven so I ended up with just a microwave. I ate a lot of takeaway. Then I discovered the hob was safe to use (I should have asked the question to begin with) so I could start cooking again. It was the beginning of December when I finally had the oven installed and I had absolutely no idea what to took because it had been so long. I think I actually used it two weeks later.  

Then I had an electric shower installed so even with no boiler I could have a warm shower at home. It was absolute bliss. I still went to the gym though!  

During all this I was living in the log cabin in the garden. It was big enough to fit my double bed and chest of drawers. The major downside was the lack of toilet facilities. I have to admit I bought a bucket just in case but I could never bring myself to use it. I always went into the house even when it was raining in the middle of the night. I felt really awkward as well walking from the cabin into the house in my dressing gown. It wasn’t even far to walk I’m just not one of those people who feels comfortable leaving the house in a dressing gown.  

The cabin was quite cosy actually. It had an aerial socket for the television which didn’t work so I just watched DVD’s instead. As time went on I started to notice that it was getting really cold. Sometimes it felt colder in the cabin than outside which was rather strange. It also started to become damp. I found myself developing a chesty cough so finally had to admit defeat and move into the house. I cleared the second bedroom and moved my bed inside with a little help from my brother. And boy was I glad I did. The bathroom was right next door. Luxury right?! 

The problem then became the cold. I was starting to get concerned that I wouldn’t get my boiler repaired and it was starting to get really cold. My wonderful parents took pity on me and bought an electric blanket which was one of the best presents I have ever received. I absolutely love it and still used it even after I had heating. It was in December when the boiler was finally repaired and I was able to heat the house. Typically as soon as I had heating the weather improved and I didn’t need it! 

So happily, by the end of 2016 I had:

  • Cooking facilities
  • Safe electrics
  • A working boiler
  • A usable bedroom

All things considered it felt like a positive end to the year. The major issues had been dealt with so my house was habitable. It may look terrible but it’s safe 

Stay tuned for the next instalment! 

Lots of Love 

x Beth x


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