Preparing to Move House

When I completed on my house I was renting so I handed in my notice immediately. I had to leave by the 31st August giving me just over one month to get the house sorted. Boy did that month go quickly!

On Saturday 30th July I stripped the disgusting wallpaper off the living room wall. It was my first task in the house and something I wanted to do quickly. I had visions of stripping off the paper and being able to paint almost immediately so the living room would be done for when I moved in. That was a tad optimistic as I found more wallpaper underneath. I kept some of the first layer of wallpaper for nostalgic purposes and you can see it in the picture below. The second photograph is the second layer of paper that is still on the walls to this day. I was planning on removing this as well but my priorities changed so I’m living with it. I almost don’t remember what it’s like to have decent walls or wallpaper. I really do appreciate good quality walls now though!

Whilst I was playing with wallpaper I was also trying to pack up all of my possessions from my rental property. Being the youngest I only had the box room at my parents house so I really have no idea how I managed to accumulate so much stuff. Fortunately my new house was only a mile away so frequent trips in the car were not an issue. I put everything into the box room in my new house.  

It was during the transition period that I also decided to discard the oven and microwave. Both were disgusting. The black slime that was coming off the inside of the oven made me feel physically sick. I didn’t care whether I could cook food or not I wanted it gone. Fortunately my brother offered his assistance and both the oven and microwave went to the local tip. I had a microwave from my rental property so this was not an issue but I was going to have to live without an oven.  

I also found out that the boiler and electrics needed some serious work. My builder took a walk around the house and was pointing out the various switches that I was not allowed to touch because they could kill me. Fortunately, rather than breaking down crying like my poor mum did I decided to see the funny side. This was one of the best decisions I made and you could probably say I’m a bit too laid back now. I’ve reached the point where nothing about the house could shock me anymore. I’m half expecting my builder to pull a dead body out of one of the walls. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.  

It became apparent quite early on that the house was barely habitable. Again, I was very lucky. The previous owner had built a cabin in the garden for his wife to complete her craft projects. It had heating, electricity and a lock on the door. So as you do I decided that I would live in the cabin instead of the house. More about this later… 

On the 27th August my builder moved the bulky items over to the new house and my first night in my own property was the 27th August 2016. I was handing back the keys to my rental on the 2nd September so I spent the bank holiday weekend cleaning the house to within an inch of its life.  

I cannot fault my former landlord. I had somehow managed to spill tea on one of the walls which was freshly painted when I moved in and one of the light bulbs blew during the checkout. I fully expected to be charged for both but he said that as I had looked after the property so well he wasn’t going to make a deduction from my deposit. I was incredibly grateful as quite frankly it was money that I couldn’t really afford to spend.  

Once I’d handed the keys in that was that. I actually felt for the first time that I was officially a homeowner! That was just the beginning of the story.

Lots of love 

x Beth x


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