Buying my First House

Since I was 18 I have been saving to buy a house. By the time I was old enough to know what a mortgage is I realised that my parents had paid theirs off and I wanted to be in that position so money has always been important to me.


Despite this I wanted to get out of debt before I got into more debt. Therefore I had to pay off my student loans. I’ll make a separate blog post about that later. In July 2014 I paid off my student loan and I started looking for a house. Over the years my tastes had changed and I wanted to spend a bit more money and get a decent house.


I started renting in February 2015 whilst still looking and in January 2016 the perfect house appeared on Rightmove. I was away with work and as I was getting ready to start my journey to home I checked the app(this was an obsession I checked about 10 times every day) and saw the perfect house. I called the Estate Agent immediately and asked for a viewing, which was booked for the following Monday (this was a Friday). I got a phone call on Saturday from the Estate Agent asking if I was available because the owner was happy to show me around. Thank god I said yes and went straight over. I offered on the spot and was accepted. Now this sounds very impulsive and is not like me at all but I had been searching for some time and I knew what I wanted. The house was priced to sell and needed quite a bit of work. On Monday I went to the Estate Agent and handed in my proof of funds and ID. Whilst I was in the office they received three phone calls asking about the house. Being impulsive paid off and I beat everyone to it.


Part of the reason my offer was accepted was because I was renting and did not have my own house to sell. The current owners had bought a new build house and needed their buyer to be flexible. And boy did they need flexibility. We finally completed on Friday 29th July at 3.15pm; two days before my mortgage offer ran out and three days before theirs did. I was officially a home owner.

This marked the beginning of a painful journey. Moral of the story? GET A SURVEY !!! I cannot emphasise that enough. I don’t know if I would have pulled out had I got a survey but I would have been a bit more prepared for the disaster awaiting me. I knew the house needed work but I had a huge wake-up call coming.



I walked into the house and the first thing I noticed was the dirt. It was like something you seen on “How Clean Is Your House?”. I was devastated. I had never seen such filth. That was only the beginning.



The built in oven was so dirty I decided to scrap it and buy a new one. Same with the built in microwave. The electrics seemed dodgy and something was nagging me about the boiler. The wallpaper in the living room was hideous and when I stripped it back I found….some rather rude drawings. Under that? MORE WALLPAPER. Not the end of the world but it was something else to deal with.



So we’re now in April 2017 and how far a long am I? The good news is my boiler is safe and so are my electrics. Decoration, however, is a sore subject. I have one usable bedroom out of three and when I work from home I’m in the living room because there is nowhere else. I’m waiting for a new front door and windows to be fitted.



This is a quick introduction to the house. I will post some pictures in future blog posts and go into more details about the issues I found so keep tuned and remember the moral of the story:






That way you (usually) don’t have nasty shocks coming.

I will continue the story in another post…with pictures. 

Lots of love 

x Beth x



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